Milestone No. Milestone name Related WP(s) Due date (in month) Means of verification
MS 1.1 Kick-off meeting. General assembly first meeting WP1 1 Minutes of the meeting
MS 1.2 Web-based IP repository operative WP1 12 Online tool operative
MS 1.3 Mid-term INSHIP ECRIA review meeting WP1 28 Minutes of the meeting
MS 1.4 Final agreement of follow-up SHIP structure WP1 40 Submission of associated report (DL 1.5)
MS 1.5 Final general project meeting WP1 48 Minutes of the meeting
MS 2.1 Cost effective integration of low temperature SHIP WP2, WP5 24 Comparison among actual and projected CAPEX & OPEX vs. system performances
MS 2.2 SHIP integration in available and innovative drying processes WP2, WP5 32 Guideline for SHIP integration into existing drying processes and definition of intensified drying
MS 2.3 Model validation of control strategy in pilot case WP2 40 Model based validation of process control in SHIP installation, performing above user expectations
MS 3.1 Steam integration, steam monitoring, degradation and automated cleaning survey results WP3 18 Completion of Deliverables 3.1 to 3.4
MS 3.2 Ageing test definition and demonstration procedures WP3 18 Completion of deliverable 3.6 and definition of experimental procedures of D3.9
MS 3.3 Definition of Standardized BoP and Guidelines for Cost-effective Solar Steam integration WP3 24 Completion of Deliverables 3.1, 3.5 & 3.7 and definition of experimental procedures of D3.8
MS 3.4 Compact line-focus optical designs WP3 36 Completion of Deliverable 3.10
MS 3.5 Experimental demonstrations WP3 42 Deliverables 3.8 and 3.9
MS 4.1 Report on mass/energy balances and solar chemical reactor concepts WP4 24 Report and e.g. publications/conference proceedings
MS 4.2 Report on integration of thermal energy storage and/or hybridization to solar-driven processes WP4 36 Report and e.g.publications / conference proceedings
MS 4.3 Large-scale implementation report on economic analysis, and potential for CO2 mitigation of solar-driven processes WP4 48 Report and e.g. publications / conference proceedings
MS 5.1 Identification of emerging technologies that can enhance the potential for SHIP in low and medium temp. range WP5 24 Report with a description and allocation to industry on emerging technologies
MS 5.2 Selection of industries and industry parks for the hybrid energy supply systems WP5 24 Letter of commitment of the industries and industry parks based on a pre-feasibility study
MS 5.3 Decision on software program for branch concept WP5 6 Report on Pro/cons of different software tools for branch concept
MS 6.1 Mobility actions selected by the expert panel (First Phase) WP6 12 Reports collecting main results of performed missions during 1st phase
MS 6.2 Map of existing RTD SHIP infrastructures and resources WP6 20 Submission of deliverable DL 6.1
MS 6.3 Mobility actions selected by the expert panel (Second Phase) WP6 32 Reports collecting main results of performed missions during 2nd phase
MS 6.4 Final report on exchange of staff personnel WP6 48 Submission of deliverable DL 6.4
MS 7.1 All National SHIP task forces activated WP7 12 List of National Task Force members
MS 7.2 European Workshop for SHIP RTD alignment WP7 16 Workshop proceedings
MS 7.3 Presentation of common SHIP RTD strategy to the European Commission WP7 19 Meeting minutes
MS 7.4 National training workshops in SHIP WP7 40 Workshop proceedings
MS 7.5 Annual Updates on Database for in-kind contributions WP7 18, 30, 42 Updated database
MS 8.1 Preparation and distribution of innovation strategy survey WP8 9 Internal report on collected answers
MS 8.2 Preparation and distribution of socio-economic survey WP8 20 Internal report on collected answers
MS 8.3 SHIP innovation support Workshop WP8 42 Workshop minutes